Walk in comfort

‘Walk in comfort’, HD digital video with sound, 16:9, 4:02 min
displayed at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Lasalle College of the Art in Singapore

In 2018, two hundred km of new sheltered sidewalks will be built to ‘Walk in comfort’, which is also the name of this work, a crazy journey through the futuristic landscape, the business district and the network of metro and shopping temple at the same time.
Above all this there is the constant and inevitable noise of this city, the never-ending roaring, screeching and howling of the huge and tired ventilators.
In the end there is quietness and a look back to nature.

There is a flow in Singapore guiding the people through the city, through the shopping centers and shopping-malls, led by the air-con systems and observed through cameras. The paths are defined, they always lead to the areas, where the money can be spent easily. These places do not only attract by the cold airstream, but also awake new desires, like the need for woolly caps, scarves and winter jackets.

In a time, when there are thoughts about energy waste and how to recycle energy, it would make sense to have all the air-cons adjusted by +1° or +2°. This would make it much more comfortable to switch between the warmth and cold, however this would also have an effect on economy, but surely there will be new ways and opportunities to generate money.

Photo by Isabelle Lim
Photo by Isabelle Lim