Performance no 5

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Performance no 5 took place without audience, nevertheless a performance, with a photographic documentation, which has an audience.
Performance no 5 should have taken place at ACT Geneva on 5th May 2018, however, for some unwelcoming circumstances, the act did not happen that night. It has been executed the following night, as if it had happened on 5th May 2018.

Following the instructions for re-enacting the performance, however, a license is first needed to do this performance. To get the license you need to invite me for a cup of coffee.

Instruction for performance no 5

Your hair should have a length of 5-7 cm.
Additionally it should be freshly dyed with non-permanent red hair colour.

nail scissors
thin wire
glass box with lid 10 cm length
watercolour paper A3
a big glass with clear water 3-5 dl
make-up in dramatic colours, black, purple, red..

Put the make-up on, heavy eyes, strong lips
Wear an outfit to go out with (black body, black tights, high heels, red blouse, white transparent scarf)

Performance act:
Enter the room
In your hand you hold the glass box with lid, inside the scissors and the wire.
The rolled paper is in your other hand.
Place everything on the floor. Roll out the paper.
Remove the glass lid from the box, Empty the box content on the floor.
Cut a piece of about 10 cm of the wire.
Make little pony tails with your hair, start in the front, with your fringe.
Tie the pony tail together very tightly with the piece of wire, making a little brush head.
Take the nail scissors and cut off the pony tails below the wire, close to your skin.
Make at least seven pony tails and cut them all off.
Put the cut off tails in the glass box.
Ask someone in the audience for a glass of water.
Use the pony tail as brush, make a drawing of your desired hair style on the paper.
Only draw and paint the hair, do not add a face.
When the painting is finished, put the lid on the glass box.
Take the glass box with you, leave everything else behind you.

Have a good photographer ready with a good camera.
Send me a photo of your performance.